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Website building
Website construction
Website construction refers to the use of markup language to transmit information in electronic format through the Internet through a series of design, modeling, and execution processes. Finally, it is viewed by users in the form of a graphical user interface (GUI). Simply put, the purpose of web design is to generate a website.
Business email
Enterprise Email
Enterprise Mailbox is an email address with your domain name as a suffix. Usually a business often has multiple employees who want to use email. The enterprise electronic post office allows the group post office administrator to open mailboxes of different names at will, and set the space of the mailboxes according to different needs, and can close or delete these mailboxes at any time.
Software development
Software development
Software development is the process of building a software system or software part of a system according to user requirements. Software development is a systems engineering that includes requirements capture, requirements analysis, design, implementation, and testing. Software is generally implemented in a programming language. Software development tools are commonly used for development. Software is divided into system software and application software, and not only includes programs that can be run on a computer. Files related to these programs are generally considered to be part of the software.
ERP Tiansi ERP
Master service
As a well-known enterprise-level management software solution provider in the Chinese software industry, it has been engaged in management software development, sales and service for more than ten years. It has more than a dozen R & D training bases and hundreds of partners in the country. Today, tens of thousands of companies across mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are successfully running Tiansi's management software system.
Wechat marketing
WeChet marketing
WeChat marketing is a type of marketing model for enterprises or individuals in the era of the Internet economy. It is a kind of online marketing method that has risen with the enthusiasm of WeChat. There is no distance limitation on WeChat. After signing up for WeChat, users can form a connection with "friends" who are also registered around them. Merchants promote their products by providing users with the information they need. In order to achieve point-to-point marketing.
Speed software
Superdata software
Suda has successively launched more than 20 products including Suoda 3000 series, Suda 5000 series and the highly praised Online series. With its outstanding performance characteristics such as simplicity, practicality, powerful functions, easy to learn and use, Suda has more than 1,200 cooperations across the country. The partners form a domestic software sales and service system with huge scale and strength.